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Attic Conversion





The conversion of a warehouse attic into an open studio is conceived as redefining boundaries and orientations. A continuous work surface along the perimeter defines a semi-private edge where occupants can concentrate on individual tasks. In the center of the room, a communal table allows gathering and exchange to take place. The layout allows one to switch between discreet and social activities by simply changing the orientation of seating. To lessen the visual imposition of the inclined ceilings, recessed light coves are mounted hovering above the desks along the eave line. Alluding to a sky-lit eave, the light coves stitch the existing skylights together formally and spatially in one unifying gesture. At the corner of the room where the trajectories of all boundaries converge is a miniature library consists of a seating area cradled by low bookshelves. Dappled with natural light throughout the day, the mini-library offers a solitary retreat, a sanctuary for imagination and escape.