— f s o a r k

Basement Renovation





In a partially subterranean condition where daylight is scarce, the streak of afternoon sun that finds its way into the basement has become a solemn reminder of the fading time and season.  To accentuate and extend this ephemeral quality, the space is conceived as a uniform canvas made with a material that has the ability to extract the essence of the afternoon sun, which is often rendered lifelessly against the minimalistic alabaster interior. A deeply stained cherry wood is chosen for the floor and all millwork stretching across the length of the space. When lit, the wood extracts the golden hue from daylight and soaks the entire space with a volumetric glow. One of the millwork units is removed to allow for a narrow entry passage. In lieu of a conventional doorway, the passage offers a prolonged experience of darkness, a vital prelude to suppress the deeper experience beyond.