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Clive Avenue Residential Development




The proposed residential development sits within a single corner lot of 44 ft x 130 ft, in the zoning district RM-9BN of the newly implemented Joyce-Collingwood Station Precinct. The project consists of a single, three-story tall building comprising three side-by-side townhouses and three lock-off rental suites. The total building area is 6,885 square feet (1.20 FSR).

All units will have a combined living and dining area, a kitchen and a bathroom with accessible shower on the main floor. Each principal residence suite will have three bedrooms on the top floor, and a flexible room on the second floor, convertible to a home office. The lock-off units will have one bedroom. All principal dwellings will have a private roof terrace. All lock-off units will have a semi-private terrace within the front yard. Landscaping is designed to provide practical use within the 12 ft front yard setback as well as a plantation to enhance the street-scape.

In designing the townhouses, we have taken inspiration from the canal houses in Amsterdam with respect to scale, proportion, and rhythm; as well as similar developments locally, choosing massing and materials that are compatible with climatic and budget requirements. With merely 44 ft x 130 ft and no lot assembly, the size of the site is relatively small when compared with future multifamily developments within the Joyce-Collingwood Station Precinct. The proposed development seeks to achieve unity with an overall contemporary and minimalistic material palette, at the same time demarcates individual ownership by means of volumetric variation, entry and bay window features.



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