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Made from a single piece of recycled kraft cardboard, Kaleido is portable, ready-to-assemble furniture that can be folded into shape as easily as a paper box. The structure is derived from investigating the elemental form of the equilateral triangle.  Incisions are introduced at the corners not only for ease of handling, but also to provide a glimpse of the structure within.

Kaleido can be used singularly or in numbers, creating patterns of seating and open surfaces for large gatherings. It is introduced for Places for People 2017, a campaign organized by City of Vancouver Downtown Planning, as multipurpose, temporary street furniture that are economical to make and easy to store. Its multifaceted form draws parallels between the ever-changing reflections within a kaleidoscope and the different projections of city life.



Commissioned by: City of Vancouver
Project Team: Imu Chan | Alek Rokosz | Olivia Alvarez | Paul Grawitz
Photographs by: Imu Chan
Graphics by: Alek Rokosz


Kaleido-1 600

Kaleido-2 600

Kaleido-3 600

Kaleido-4 600

Kaleido-5 600

Kaleido-6 900

Kaleido-dwg 600