— f s o a r k

Lynn Valley Village Plaza





Over the last ten thousand years, glaciers from the North Shore mountains have eroded what probably began as a crack in the ground into a deep valley. At a rate of less than a centimeter a year, the geological transformation that led to today’s Lynn Canyon embodies this persistent and incontestable force of Nature – astonishingly gradual, phenomenally powerful and infinitesimally nuanced.

Our proposal for the plaza design at Lynn Valley Village provides an architectural reference to this broader geological context. We superimpose onto the existing ground surface a new paving pattern, in doing so translating the embodied energy of glacial formation into a visual language that is familiar to kids and fresh to adults. From the existing physical geometries and alignments, we have extracted a flow pattern that falls down the back wall, meanders between large pavement slabs, springs up to form benches, and cascades down stairs. The simple, abstract palette offers multiple non-prescriptive ways of engagements for all ages, and can be appreciated at ground level as well as from the elevated walkway above.

This project is a collaboration with Rebecca Bayer, with the assistance of Monica Lovato and Ray Sun.