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Migrating Landscapes





One of the national winners chosen to represent Canada in Venice Biennale 2012, Kite Story portrays the figurative crossroads between a childhood spent in one country and adulthood spent in another.  The project is an outcome of the Migrating Landscapes, a national competition that examines how we as Canadians express our diverse cultural memories and identities, and the settling/unsettling dynamic of migration in the contemporary society.

While the experience of immigration can be real and tangible to adults, the geographic and cultural transformation to children may lack specificity and not readily comprehensible.  The apprehension is particularly poignant for migrating preadolescents, to whom the experience becomes part of growing up, of coming to terms with their shifting identities, their subtle physical and emotional transformation – all of which are at the crossroad with the unknown affects of the new world.  Setting in the backdrop of migration from Hong Kong to Vancouver, Kite Story reflects on the moment when lingering footage of childhood memories in one place interweaves with the anxiety of growing up in another, and how the immigrating youth and the young city find meaning of coexistence in the formative years of transformation.