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Nan Residence Kitchen Renovation





“For if we are able to perform small, ordinary miracles in the kitchen day after day after day, possibly these will remind us of the greater marvels that might occur outside this room.”

- Akiko Busch, Geography of Home

Given the efficiency and economy inherent in the design of a functional space, the Nan Residence kitchen renovation was never conceived as a project merely about food preparation. Instead, we focus on creating a shared space between mother and children, a common ground where the knitting of a family can be tangibly constructed. In spirit, the project was not unlike designing a park: the children assume certain autonomy in the playground under the attention of the parent, while the parent find a quiet spot at the periphery, contemplating her own endeavors. An exchange may take place here and then. In the end, the discipline of laying out cabinet, appliance and counter space typically dominates a kitchen design has made room for a few cheerful additions. These include a bench overlooking the lower living area, a concession window serving the sun deck and a generous floor space, hosting the ever-changing improvisation of the family affair.

Contractor: Solidwood Home