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IDS Tokyo Exchange



Entitled “X”, the Tokyo Exchange feature designed for the Interior Design Show (IDS) Vancouver 2017 is shaped in its namesake. Landmarking the entrance of the convention hall, the design is conceived as two linear elements arching diagonally above the exhibit space, touching ground only at their terminal ends. The lower bar is characterized as a bridge, the upper bar as a pier: by means of these infrastructures we metaphorically connect East and West. Products from Japanese designers We+ and Design For Industry are showcased.

Trade show booths often rely on perimeter enclosure to maximize exposure. X turns completely outside in instead, creating four wedge-shaped approaches that visitors engage and interact all around. The horizontal planes generate a vast emptiness surrounding the products, giving each piece the space it needs to tell its story.



Commissioned by: IDS Vancouver
Curated by: Design Milk
Product Designers: We+ | Design For Industry
Constructed by: Great Northern Way Scene Shop
Material Sponsor: InterWorld Development
Graphics Sponsor: East Van Vinyl
Flooring Sponsor: Sojitz


Tokyo X model 900x900 back

TokyoX Model 900x900

Tokyo X Back-alek-900x900

Tokyo X front-900x900

Tokyo X marble vase 900x900

Tokyo X doll 900x900

Tokyo X Disguise closeup 900x900

Tokyo X drift 900x900

Tokyo X Drought Chair 900x900