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Urban Pasture





Urban Pasture is an urban happiness project based on the notion that Vancouverites are nature-lovers. It is a romantic yet tangible project – it is simple in concept and affordable in construction; it is modest in scale, but infinite in possibilities. We propose to rethink the street amenity strip along the curb by blending bench and planter into one sculptural form. By interweaving infrastructure with flora and by applying subtle topographic manipulation to the surfaces, the installation will create possibilities for new social interactions and interpretations while softening the hostile edge of the curb.

The sculpted “pasturelands” will take possession of street parking lanes through the introduction of a modular system of sculptured platforms. These modules are to contribute to the streetscape by serving as both bench and planter in their most unconventional sense, creating an urban detour wedged in between the concrete sidewalk and the asphalt roadway. Dimensioned to fit into a street parking stall (2.5 m x 5.5 m), each module can be installed independently or joined together with other modules along the curb to create a customized living environment, extending the pedestrian right-of-way for both active (engaging) and passive (sojourning) activities.

The design is comprised of two interwoven elements: an undulating wooden platform (the hardscape) made of spaced, finger-jointed 2×4 cedar lumbers, and infill landscaping materials (softscape) that will rise through the gaps between the lumbers, at various locations along the platform. Plant material will be made up of varying species of lavender, which is hardy, drought-tolerant, requires minimal maintenance, and is locally available in British Columbia. The combination of the geometric profile of the wooden structure and the irregular patches of floral infill will suggest various programs of urban play, creating opportunities for a wide array of discoveries and encounters.

Design Collaborators: David O’Regan, Jane Vorbrodt


VIVA End View