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Windermere Residence




Single family speculative house projects are useful testing ground for developing residential layout that balances efficiency, livability and affordability. As real estate commodities, they are designed to appeal to the broadest market possible. But what make these projects meaningful are their relevance to the end users, in the sense that they are designed with a nuclear family in mind, for people to live in and to call homes.

While individual circumstances may require different approach to each project, we remain faithful in our belief that lasting values depend ultimately on the quality of life a house fosters, and the memories it bestows upon the family as it grows. Sensible layout; access to fresh air, natural light and views; durable construction that acquires beauty through long-term use; and the choice of materials and colours that are practical and sympathetic to the psychological well beings of adults and children alike are paramount to our works.

Windermere Residence is designed with those considerations in mind, in order to serve a purpose and a vision desperately needed in the housing market.  The project is accomplished within the constraint of a small site; its unique challenges are overcome by the open-mindedness of the client and the dedication of the design and construction team.


Windermere Fireplace-1 600x600

Windermere Fireplace-2 600x600

Windermere Living-1 600x600

Windermere Fireplace-3 600x600

Windermere Kitchen-2 600x600

Windermere Kitchen-1 600x600

Windermere Kitchen-5 600x600

Windermere Kitchen-4 600x600

Windermere Stair-1 600x600

Windermere Stair-3 600x600

Windermere kids bath-1 600x600

Windermere Basement Entry-1 600x600

Windermere Basement Kitchen-1 600x600

Windermere Basement Kitchen-2 600x600

Windermere Basement Bath-1 600x600

Windermere Basement Bath-2 600x600

Windermere Stair-4 600x600Windermere Exterior-4 600x600

Windermere Exterior-5 600x600