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Yukon Residence Renovation





The following photographs were taken in the morning of March 8th, 2013, during the final days of Yukon Residence renovation. In the course of the project, there was a precious moment when the walls came alive in the first coat of white; the aged wood floor, freshly buffed, saturated the air with renewed fragrance. I stood in the uninhabited space and observed how the dull luster of the new surfaces slowly awoke in the morning sun. The atmosphere was serene and intimate.

It is by editing out evidence of previous ownership, and replacing with a new one, that we embark on this renovation (as in many previously and perhaps ones yet to come). In addition to designing for another household and lifestyle, we ask how a space can inhabit itself, that it acquires a personality of its own autonomous from its occupant’s interventions. We feel the opportunity may lie in the non-programmed, transient spaces – a precinct that manifests the soul of the house, a “sanctuary” that is not physically occupied or altered but its physicality can be felt from the surrounding occupied rooms. We feel that the space has to be beautiful even when it is not inhabited.

The encounter on the sunny morning when the photos were taken seems to reinforce the notion of the essence of home as a priori, one that already exists before life unfolds in it, and perhaps will continue to exist in the aftermath of another belaboring moving-in/moving-out, with some enduring values that continue to bewilder us, to move us closer to itself.



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