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Architectural Projects



“Your house is your larger body. It grows in the sun and sleeps in the stillness of the night; and it is not dreamless.”

- Kahlil Gibran.

The most beautiful thing in life is life itself.

In Fountain Studio of Ark,we create architecture to enrich life, using space as a sculptural medium. Each of our projects is unique, their design true to our time. We believe modern aesthetics is not a stylistic imposition to, but an authentic reflection of who we are and how we live. Our design approach focuses on function, a sensitive response to site, the use of natural materials and sustainable means, all with a human dimension. Our goal is to create every building a refuge for the human spirit, a special place we call home.

Each of our projects is handcrafted. We value the time-honoured skills of model making and hand drawing during our design process, augmented by advanced digital methods whenever seem fit. Through this creative dialogue between the hand and the mind, our design reveals the underlying possibilities of its real life counterpart, and open up rare perspectives in seeing architecture anew. The same attentiveness extends throughout construction by working closely with the builders and craftsmen, to ensure that our vision is faithfully abided to, and built the way as intended down to the finest details.


Elgin Residence. Vancouver. current
Moscrop Laneway House. Vancouver. current
Murphy Residence. Vancouver. current
Laurier Townhouse Development. Kelowna. current
Clive Townhouse Development. Vancouver. current
Windermere Residence. Vancouver. 2017
Cartems Donuterie Kitsilano. Vancouver. 2016
Highlawn Residence. Burnaby. 2015
Yukon Residence Renovation, Vancouver. 2013
YamaRoth & YamaDuff Residence Renovation. Vancouver. 2013
Nan Residence Renovation, Burnaby. 2012