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Elgin Residence

Elgin Residence is a 2,000 square foot modern home in the quiet Vancouver East neigbhourhood. It is designed for a young family of four - their first time working with an architect.


Fourteen months in the preparation, Elgin Residence - a 2,100 s.f. modern home located in a quiet Vancouver neighbourhood - finally broke ground in July 2019. It is designed for a young family of four. Within a small building footprint, the house offers efficient, open-concept spaces and a roof terrace, stitched vertically by a central, light-filled stairwell. More to come.


Commissioned by: Private Client
Constructed by: Smithwood Builders
Fenetration by: Atlas Meridian Glassworks
Photo and Text by: Imu Chan
Model by: Imu Chan, Alek Rokosz, Yang Yu
Location: City of Vancouver
Status: Under Construction