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Laurel Residence

Laurel Townhouse Development takes advantage of the new RM-3 rezoning from a single-family lot, in a quiet neighbourhood street close to downtown Kelowna. The development is arranged in an L-shape, with five homes facing a mews along the side yard, and two larger homes facing the street.


With the influx of new residents moving from neighbouring cities, Kelowna is experiencing a renaissance of multi-family developments. One typology is to replace existing single-family detached houses with low-density rowhouses, in order to attract families to live within walking distance from the urban core.

Laurel Development takes advantage of the new RM-3 rezoning, in a quiet neighbourhood street a stone throw away from downtown Kelowna. It comprises seven side-by-side, ground-oriented rowhouses arranged in an L-shape. To provide individual frontage for each home, we introduce a mews along one side yard towards which five 2-bedroom homes are oriented, with the other two 3-bedroom homes facing the street. The mews leads to a small green space at the back. Vehicular access is separated from the mews along the other side yard. This site planning allows the creation of a semi-private gathering space for the community that also doubles as access pathway. Ample outdoor space is provided to each rowhouse by means of a landscaped entry court and a rooftop terrace.

At FAR 0.75, the development offers 7,000 square feet of living space. With future acquisition of adjacent sites, Laurel Development will eventually be mirrored so that the mews can be widened to expand its programmatic potentials. The driveway will also be shared among adjacent sites. The contemporary architectural building form is cladded with a classic brick façade in subtle shades of grey, giving the small-scaled development a sense of proportion, elegance and dignity.


Commissioned by: Private Developer
Project Team: Imu Chan, Inès Alonso-Martin, Yang Yu
Graphics by: Imu Chan, Inès Alonso-Martin, Yang Yu
Text by: Imu Chan
Location: City of Kelowna
Completion: Ongoing