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Public Art Projects


“If joy is to be found in the ordinary, the things we have in common are a stronghold of resistance in a troubled world.”

- Luis Fernandez-Galiano

Public art has the ability to reveal the spirit of a place, in doing so offers a broader and deeper reading of the polygonous world around us. Beyond the spectacular and the special, it can become a beacon towards which our collective memories and aspirations converge, a place of many but one. Comprising both temporary installations and permanent artworks, our public art portfolio testifies our commitment to transform the mundane, nomadic and forgotten into civic common grounds. The quest for creating shared spaces for all to enjoy and to reflect remains at the forefront of our investigation. Since 2017 we have extended our services to the private sector by facilitating event and exhibit planning, curating, design and coordination, creating unique venues and memorable experiences.


Tartan - First Avenue Public Art. Mission. 1st Place
Urban Pasture 2.0 - Public Parklet. Vancouver. current
Fog Catcher - Municipal Hall Public Art (Finalist). W Vancouver. 2018
AMBER - LDHS Tea Pavilion & Pottery Exhibit. Vancouver. 2018
Eyepiece - Jewish Sukkot Festival Pavilion. Vancouver. 2017
Kaleido - Places For People Campaign. Vancouver. 2017
Tokyo X - IDS West Feature Exhibit. Vancouver. 2017
Sisters - Chief Mathias Joe Park Public Art. N Vancouver. 2016
Marpole Walk Map - Vancouver Neighbourhood Small Grant. 2015
Lynn Valley Village Public Art (Finalist). N Vancouver. 2014
Urban Pasture 1.0 - Public Parklet. Vancouver. 2012
Migrating Landscapes - Venice Biennale of Architecture. 2012